FRP Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Cuboid Shaped CFS-SERIES

Salient Feature For Crystal CFS-SERIES Cooling Tower

  • Less Noise Polution  And Vibration Occure During Operation Of Cooling Tower
  • Low  Energy Consumption .
  • Designed  To Give Optimum Cooling Performance.
  • Inbuilt Frp Legs For Casing Increase Life Of Cooling Tower Against Rusting.
  • Frp Louvers Inlets For Eleminates Water Splashing And Easy To Clean Basin Or Resist Against Outer Opjects.
  • Inspection Window Gives Access To Inspect Or Maintainence.
  • CFS-SERIES Counter-Flow Series Is Economical And Aproved Inducued Draught Design.
  • It Iworks In Almost Every Industry And Still Favorite For Last 40 Years.Compact Modular Design Needs Very Less Space To Operat And Maintain It.
  • CFS-SERIES Cooling Tower Cube Design Supports And Structures Gives More Sturdyness And Withstand Capacity Against Wind Flow And Other Natural Calamities.
  • CFS-SERIES Cooling Tower Static Big Orifice Nozzles And Pipe Distributes Water Uniformly And Less Chocking Or Breakdowns*
  • CFS-SERIES Cooling Tower Is Developed For Easy To Maintain And Operates.
  • CFS-SERIES Cooling Tower We Have Enough Stock For Spares For Sudden Breakdown  And Most Of Spares Are Compitible With  Easily Available Spares In Market
  • FRP Lined Header Pipe And Branches Works Well In Salted Water Quality.
  • Axial Flow Fan  With Adjustable Pitch To Increase Air-Flow[ With 3 Option Aluminium,Engineering Polymer And Frp]
  • Fills Packing With 3 Option Regular/Abs/Double Edge Folded
  • Standard  Premium Graded FRP Basin And Casing  For Compact And Long Lasting Life
  • Mild Steel Supporting Structure With Hot Dipp Galvnised Coated Makes Cooling Tower Rustproof