FRP Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Cylinder Shaped CF-SERIES

Casing & Basin:-

Casing/Basin  Made Of High Grade Fibre Glass Reinforced Raw Good Materials .Its Works In Adverse Weather /Water Condition And With Long Self Life.

Supports And Structure:-

Cooling Tower Constructed With Enough Solid Mild Steel With Hot Dipped Galvanise Traetment  Or Water Resistance Epoxy Coating.It Gives Extra Life To Sustain .


Fan Is Aerodynamic Designed To Give More Airflow Cubic Feet Per Minutes.It Is Axial Flow And Variable Adjustment To Control Air Volume.Fan Is Dynamic And Static Balanced To Reduce Vibration And Noise Level .Available In Frp/Polymer/Aluminium Option.

Fills Packing:-

Honey-Comb Designed Fills Makes Counter-Flow Contact Between Air And Hot Water For Heat Dissipation .Regular Pvc  Fills Resist Up To 55 0 C Water Temperature .Ips And Abs Fills Available For More Than 55 0 C Water Temperature.

Electrical Fan Motor:-

Cooling Tower Motor Is Direct Driven With Lower Rotation Per Minute.Cooling Tower Motor Developed To Work In Outer Location.Fan Motor Comes With ‘F’ Class Insulation And Ip55 Weather Proofing As Per International Common Standards.

Water Distribution Systems:- There Are Two Prominent Water Distribution System

  • Self Rotating Sprinkler  Available In Engineering Polymer/Aluminium/Stainless Steel
  • Big Orifice Engineering Polymer Nozzles With Frp Line Header And Branches

Motor Protection Canopy:-

Canopy Made From Frp Raw Goods And Allow To Air Discharge Smoothly And Protect Motor From Rain And Sunlight.

Salient Feature For Crystal CF-SERIES Cooling Tower

  • Less Noise Occure During Operation Of Cooling Tower
  • Low  Energy Consumption .
  • Designed  To Give Optimum Cooling Performance.
  • Inbuilt Frp Legs For Casing Increase Life Of Cooling Tower Against Rusting.
  • Frp Louvers Inlets For Eleminates Water Splashing And Easy To Clean Basin Or Resist Against Outer Opjects.
  • CF-SERIES Counter-Flow Series Is Economical And Aproved Inducued Draught Design.
    It Iworks In Almost Every Industry And Still Favorite For Last 40 Years.Compact Modular Design Needs Very Less Space To Operat And Maintain It.
  • CF-SERIES Cooling Tower Cylindrical Design Gives More Sturdyness And Withstand Capacity Against Wind Flow And Other Natural Calamities.
  • CF-SERIES Cooling Tower Self Rotating Sprinkler Spashes Water Uniformly On Each And Every Pitch Of Pvc Fills  And Makes More Air Contacts .Round Water Spashing   Entirely  Gives More Cooling Capacity *
  • CF-SERIES Cooling Tower Is Developed For Easy To Maintain And Operates.
  • CF-SERIES Cooling Tower We Have Enough Stock For Spares For Sudden Breakdown  And Most Of Spares Are Compitible With  Easily Available Spares In Market
  • Newly Desinged Engineering Polymer Sprinkler Makes Less Breakdown/Replacement.[  Aluminium /Stainless Steel Option Available]
  • Axial Flow Fan  With Adjustable Pitch To Increase Air-Flow[ With 3 Option Aluminium,Engineering Polymer And Frp]
  • Fills Packing With 3 Option Regular/Abs/Double Edge Folded
  • Standard  Premium Graded Frp Basin And Casing  For Compact And Long Lasting Life
  • Mild Steel Supporting Structure With Hot Dipp Galvnised Coated Makes Cooling Tower Rustproof